the prodigal son returns

greetings, people of earth. i have safely made the journey home to extremely warm tempe, arizona. to my great surprise, my house is in precisely the same state of disarray as when i left. i was hoping a special european cleansing fairy would have paid a visit, but alas…. i was additionally surprised by the …

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leaving london

Globe Theatre

hi all – i’m at london’s heathrow airport right now. my flight doesn’t leave for another couple of hours (the “tube,” london’s subway, got me here faster than i thought it would), and i saw this internet kiosk and decided to get rid of some of these extra british coins. yesterday i explored london while …

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london again

Buckingham Palace

i arrived in london yesterday morning. it turns out two people from the conference were on my same flight from sweden (heather, who is a doctoral student in clinical psychology at the universty of nevada, reno and her husband, who is a doctoral student in cognitive neuroscience at UC Berkeley), so we all hung out …

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lovely linköping

Me, JT, and Cyndy

i’m sitting at an internet cafe in linköping, sweden right now. my conference ended today around 2pm, and since then i’ve just been hanging out with my friends jt and cyndy (from san fran). since my flight to london leaves at 6am tomorrow morning and leaves from a town between here and stockholm (i thought …

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Berlin Wall

i’m in berlin now, and they have a funky german keyboard with the “z” and “y” keys (amongst others) in strange places. this is greatly reducing my typing speed. anyhoo, i arrived yesterday around 6pm or so and just walked around town a bit. the hostel at which i’m staying is by far the nicest …

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