london again

i arrived in london yesterday morning. it turns out two people from the conference were on my same flight from sweden (heather, who is a doctoral student in clinical psychology at the universty of nevada, reno and her husband, who is a doctoral student in cognitive neuroscience at UC Berkeley), so we all hung out a bit at the airport and took the train from the airport to central london together. after arriving, i went to my friend javier’s work, where he gave me keys to his flat and directions. i then went to his place, sat on his couch to rest for a bit (with the intention of getting lunch in a few minutes) and promptly fell asleep for about 5 hours. see, i had only had about 5 hours of sleep during the past 48 hours and was apparently quite sleepy. jav came home from work around 6:30, and i did my laundry at a nearby laundromat (launderette or something, as they’re called here) while he made dinner. then we had a tasty salad and delicious pesto chicken while watching “bridget jones’s diary.” i went to sleep around 10:00 or 11:00 (despite my nap, i was still exhausted). jav’s left for work now, and i’m either going to hit the town to see a few sites and whatnot that i missed last time i was here (such as hyde park, buckingham palace, a couple more museums), or just throw an impromptu nekkid rave/foam party at his flat with whatever random londoners i can pull of the street. you’ll just have to wait until i get home to find out which occurs. the grand journey is near an end, sadly. it’s been a great time– probably the most fun i’ve ever had within a 3-week span in my life. it’s also been rather exhausting, though, given my whirlwind schedule and desire to see as much of europe as possible (y’know, in case the whole continent is destroyed soon by a meteor or a missile strike from america’s king george II in an attempt to “liberate” all european natural resources for our own use or something). i’ll keep you all posted about when my boring slideshow party will be. i shall also do my best to remove all pictures of me mooning the camera in front of well-known europea landmarks before aforementioned party, too. see you soon! well, not all of you…for all i know, a strange “eric fox european travel blog” cult has formed in omaha, and i likely won’t be seeing them any time soon. i hope.

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