bye-bye miss american pie

I probably won’t post here too much before I leave because I’m feverishly working to finish my Relational Frame Theory tutorial before I leave. I’d like to preview the tutorial at the conference I’m attending in Sweden, as well as get feedback from expert types. And now, the top 10 reasons I’m excited about my trip to Europe:

  1. The opportunity to interact with so many people who agree with me about G. W. Bush being a simple-minded, wreckless, fascist idiot
  2. Going for days on end without showering or changing my underwear. Wait…I do that now, anyway….
  3. No 115-degree temperatures (except, perhaps, in the oven where they’ll be baking my glazed lamb’s testicle or whatever other strange food they’ll be making me eat)
  4. Being excited about this trip is much more interesting than getting any work done
  5. Getting the chance to meaningfully say “Pardon moi, ou est le salle de bain?” when looking for the bathroom
  6. Belgian waffles and Belgian beer (not necessarily together, but that certainly does sound like a breakfast of champions)
  7. Amsterdam’s liberal prostitutions laws will remind me of my hometown (Las Vegas)
  8. French ticklers and Swedish massages
  9. Annoying as many British people as possible with my incessant Austin Powers impersonations
  10. Topless beaches! I really hate wearing my shirt while swimming.
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