leaving soon

I'll be leaving for the airport in about 10 hours. It's unlikely I'll get any sleep during that time. Although I'm pretty much finished packing (got my pack down to about 30 pounds, even with my stupid laptop and other computer junk I need to bring), I still need to do some more work on my tutorial before printing it out and leaving a copy for my advisor in the morning. I'm quite the sleepy bastard lately, and it's amusing to observe the cognitive deficiencies with which my sleep deprivation has blessed me. My flight leaves around noon tomorrow (Thursday, July 31), and I'll arrive in London at 8:15am (London time; a little after midnight Phoenix time) on Friday morning. I'm going to be staying at the Piccadilly Backpackers Hotel in London, which is in or near Soho.

getting ready

I leave for Europe in 9 days. Yikes. I have approximately 427 days worth of work to get done in these 9 days. Life is going to be a serious crapfest for the next week and a half. On the plus side, I was able to get in touch with an old friend of mine from junior high and high school named Javier. He lives in (or near) London now, and has offered to let me stay with him during my time in London. Neat. I haven't really seen Jav since high school, so it will be great to hang out with him and see what kind of freaky adult he has turned into. Back to work fer me.

bye-bye miss american pie

I probably won’t post here too much before I leave because I’m feverishly working to finish my Relational Frame Theory tutorial before I leave. I’d like to preview the tutorial at the conference I’m attending in Sweden, as well as get feedback from expert types. And now, the top 10 reasons I’m excited about my trip to Europe: