Berlin Walli’m in berlin now, and they have a funky german keyboard with the “z” and “y” keys (amongst others) in strange places. this is greatly reducing my typing speed. anyhoo, i arrived yesterday around 6pm or so and just walked around town a bit. the hostel at which i’m staying is by far the nicest one so far.


Canal in AmsterdamI’m in Amsterdam now, and it is fabulous. My last day in Brugges I rented a bike and rode it to the Belgian coast (to a town called Zeebrugges, about a 45-60 minute ride each way). I didn’t really know what to expect, and at first I was disappointed because the first area I came across was a very industrial-looking port area.


Canal in Bruggesi am now in brugges, belgium and it is absolutely awesome. the city is a bit touristy, but it’s incredibly beautiful. there are canals running throughout the town (a little like venice), gothic and medieval buildings everywhere, and cobblestone streets underfoot. the folks are very friendly so far, too.