My tutorial on Relational Frame Theory is now hosted at The newest version is improved in many ways, including:

  • Full audio narration added throughout the program (with user control over volume, replaying, and the showing of corresponding text)
  • Ability to save progress at any point in the program (instead of just at the beginning or end of a lesson)
  • Faster and more streamlined animations and greater user control over when animations play
  • More student performance data available to instructors (including overall practice question accuracy, last lesson completed, first quiz score, highest quiz score, number of quiz attempts, and date of last access)
  • Progress in lesson and program now clearly indicated by progress bar, screen numbers, and lesson numbers
  • Full-screen viewing now available (and can be toggled on and off by the user)
  • Now hosted on a much faster (and more secure) dedicated web server

Unfortunately, the costs of developing, hosting, and providing support for the tutorial means that I can no longer offer it for free. I have tried to keep the cost affordable for students and everyone, though, with one year of access costing only $9.00 (a fraction of the cost of a textbook!).

3 thoughts on “An Introduction to Relational Frame Theory (Tutorial)”

  1. Erik: Nice and what
    Hey Erik,

    Very nice tutorial content and presentation format. May I ask what software you used to program it?



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