20+ Years of Casually Developing Websites

There is a rapidly expanding list of technology-related things that make me feel old. One is the memory of writing actual letters (on PAPER!) to my high school friends during the first year or two of college. Most of them didn’t have email accounts yet and none of us had cell phones. Another is the fact that I was born the same year that Atari released Pong, one of the first arcade video games, and then spent countless hours (and quarters) at the arcade as a kid. My 9-year-old daughter now spends countless hours playing (and even creating) far more complex games on her iPad for free from the comfort of wherever she happens to be.

The most recent addition to that list is the realization that I’ve been developing websites for over 20 years now. Although I’ve never been a full-time web designer or developer, I have been doing it in some capacity on a regular basis for quite a while. I created my first website in 1998, the same year Google was founded. In retrospect, I clearly should have been focused on developing a cool search engine instead of a crappy website for my school’s psychology department. Anyway, below you can find a list of websites I’ve designed/developed over the years. Links for older (and in some cases, now defunct) sites point to the most complete version of that site that I could find on the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine. Websites that I still maintain are marked with an asterisk. There is also a gallery of screenshots of most of the sites. If you decide to view any of these, don’t judge me too harshly and try to remember that just about everything looked terrible in the early days of the web!

YearSiteKey Tech
1998University of Nevada, Reno Department of PsychologyHTML
1999Context PressYahoo! Store
2000Some Freaky Tuna*HTML
2002Eric Fox*HTML
2002Relational Frame TheoryHTML, Flash, PHP, MySQL
2003Acceptance & Commitment Therapy
2003Arizona Civil Liberties UnionHTML
2005Context Press 2.0osCommerce
2005Association for Contextual Behavioral ScienceDrupal, Flash
2010FoxyLearning*Drupal, Flash
2014OSU3 College of Medicine EdTechCenterDrupal
2014The Generalists in Medical EducationDrupal
2015Frosting FirstWordPress
2015Behavior Analyst Certification Board Training ModulesDrupal, H5P
2016Michigan Autism Conference*Drupal
2016Open Behavioral Science*Drupal
2018Western Michigan University Autism Center of Excellence*Drupal
2020FoxyLearning 2.0*WordPress, H5P, Articulate Rise

Website Screenshot Gallery

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